Link Apple Music and iCloud storage to your Apple ID

If you added Apple Music or iCloud storage to your new Apple device when you purchased it in an Apple Store, on, or through the Apple Store App, you must link them to your Apple ID before you can begin to use them.

You can link Apple Music or iCloud storage to your Apple ID1 in one of four ways:

  • In the Setup steps that appear when you first turn on your device.
  • When you open either iCloud settings or the Music app for the first time.
  • For iCloud storage, you might receive an email with instructions before you receive your new device.
  • In Settings on your iOS device.

If you didn’t subscribe to Apple Music or buy additional iCloud storage when you first bought your device, you can join Apple Music and buy more iCloud storage at any time.

1. Currently, this feature is only available in U.S. Apple Stores and on

Link services to your Apple ID

If you didn’t link Apple Music or iCloud storage when you initially set up your new device, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of iOS and that you're connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular data network.
  2. Open Settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  3. Near the top of the page, tap on the notifications for Apple ID Suggestions, Redeem Purchases, or an "Activate" service prompt.
    An iPhone X showing Settings. There are updates pending for Redeem Purchases and Finish Setting Up Your Phone.
  4. Choose the service that you want to link. If you have options for multiple services, you might have to repeat this process.
    An iPhone X showing an Apple ID Suggestions page. Options to Active Apple Music and iCloud Storage are available.
  5. Either the Music app or iCloud settings will open. Follow the onscreen instructions to link the service to your Apple ID. You might have to sign in with your Apple ID. You also might be asked to add a payment method to your Apple ID for future purchases.

After you activate your service, you can listen to music and more in the Music app or learn more about iCloud storage.

You can also choose "no thanks" to dismiss this notification permanently.

If you don’t see an option to link services

In certain situations, you won't see the option to link services, especially if you already have that service. For example, if you already subscribe to Apple Music, you don’t need to link anything to your Apple ID.

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