If still images are solid green or black in the iMovie Viewer

If images aren't appearing in your project as expected, update iMovie and reimport the images so that they play back properly.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Still images or photos that are 4000 pixels wide or larger might not play back in some versions of iMovie for Mac. The images can be seen in the timeline, but they aren't visible in the preview window. 

Use these steps if you have access to the original still images you imported into your project (for example, if the images are in your Pictures folder, or in your Photos library).

  1. Update to iMovie 10.1.1.
  2. Create a new event.
  3. Reimport your large images into the new event.
  4. If you used these images in any existing projects, open those projects, replace any broken images and re-save.
    If you have not used these images before, create a new project using these images. Edit and save the project.

After you verify that the images appear in your project as expected, you can delete the older event clips that do not display correctly.


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