Four steps to great books, cards, and calendars in iPhoto

These four steps will help you get beautiful books, cards, and calendars every time you order.

1. Take great pictures

Great books, cards, and calendars start with great pictures. Contact the manufacturer of your camera to learn more about taking great photos.

2. Use iPhoto to make adjustments

Enhancing photos with third-party applications may lead to unexpected results in your printed order. See "Image Differences Between Books and Prints" to learn more about what to expect from your printed books, cards, and calendars.

3. Preview your order

See what the file you send to Apple will look like to avoid common issues such as missing images and cut-off text. Be sure to check the content of each page to make sure there's no need for last-minute corrections. Learn more about previewing your print projects.

4. Submit your order

Get your order delivered right to your doorstep. When you're satisfied with your book, card, or calendar, click the Buy button to complete your order. If you need to make any changes to your order, you can cancel it within 30 minutes of submission by visiting the Order Status page and resubmitting a new order via iPhoto.

If you place an order in Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, you have 90 minutes to cancel.

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