Request a refund for an App Store or iTunes Store purchase

Some recent App Store and iTunes Store purchases might be eligible for a refund if the item doesn't work as expected or can't be used.

You can request a refund on some recent App Store or iTunes Store purchases. Limitations apply. See the Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions for details.

If you have a problem with a recurring charge, you can cancel your subscription. You can also downgrade your iCloud storage.

To request a refund, visit or follow the steps below.

You can request a refund only on items that you see in your purchase history. Learn how to get help with unknown or unfamiliar Apple charges on your bank or payment method statement.

View your purchase history

To open your purchase history, tap or click this link: View your purchase history.

You can also see your purchase history in Settings on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or in iTunes on a Mac or PC. Or you can go to using any web browser.

Learn more about viewing your purchase history in the App Store or iTunes Store.

If a charge for an item is pending, you haven’t yet been charged and can’t request a refund. After the charge goes through, try to request a refund again.

An iPhone X showing the Account Settings section of Settings. Purchase History is selected.

Locate the order in your purchase history

Find the order with the item that you want to request a refund for, then follow the directions for the device that you're using.

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Tap Total Billed at the bottom of the order, then tap the specific item.

On your Mac or PC: Click More below the price of the item.

On the Report a Problem website: Find the item on the Purchases tab.


An iPhone X showing a sample invoice.

Report a problem

On your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC: Tap or click Report a Problem below the item's details. A browser window opens to the Report a Problem website.

On the Report a Problem website: Tap or click Report a Problem to the right of the item.

If you don't see an option to Report a Problem, then the item isn't eligible for a refund request.


An iPhone X showing additional details of a purchase and the Report a Problem button.

Describe your issue

Choose a reason for the problem, describe your issue, then tap or click Submit.

Based on the information that you provide, Apple might provide a refund directly, refer you to the developer, require additional information, or might deny the refund request based on refund eligibility.

For more information about refund requests, contact Apple Support.

An iPhone X showing open in Safari.

If you can't find the item

If you can't find an item in your purchase history, learn what to do. Make sure that you're signed in with the same Apple ID that you used to make the purchase. Also make sure that it's not a family member's purchase charged to your payment method.

Some items and older purchases aren't eligible for refunds. See the terms and conditions for more information

If you get an email about a charge to your account that you don't remember authorizing, learn how to identify legitimate App Store or iTunes Store emails.

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