Save a document as a package or a single file in Pages, Numbers or Keynote on Mac

If your document is larger than 500 MB and you aren’t using Apple File System (APFS) or you’re using an older version of Pages, Numbers or Keynote, the app may prompt you to save the document as a package.

A package is a collection of files that your Mac reads as one file. By default, Pages, Numbers and Keynote auto-save a document, spreadsheet or presentation as a single file. Here's what to do if Pages, Numbers or Keynote prompts you to save your document as a package:

  • If you're saving your document to your hard drive, you're experiencing wait cursors or slow performance when editing your document or you're saving your document in iCloud Drive, choose Use Package.

  • If you're planning to upload your document to a third-party cloud sharing service, such as Box or Dropbox, using a web browser, choose Keep Single File.

You can switch between a single file and a package at any time. Open your file. Then choose File > Advanced > Change File Type, and select the type you'd like to use.

If your package is damaged and can't be opened

If you try to open a file saved as a package and you see an alert that says “[Document] can't be opened right now”, the file may be damaged. A document saved as a package can get damaged if it was sent by email or uploaded to a third-party cloud sharing service, such as Box or Dropbox, using a web browser.

If you see this alert, ask the owner of the file to save it as a single file and send it back to you.

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