macOS High Sierra

Assign VoiceOver commands to keyboard or keypad keys

Assign VoiceOver commands to the keys of your keyboard or the numeric keypad (if available).

To use the default key assignments, just enable the commanders.

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

  1. Open VoiceOver Utility (press VO-F8 when VoiceOver is on), click the Commanders category, click NumPad or Keyboard, then enable the commander.

  2. Choose a modifier key.

    A modifier is optional for numeric keypad keys; you must use a modifier with keyboard keys.

  3. Interact with the commander table and navigate down the key column until you hear the key you want to customize. For more information about interacting with areas, see Interact with content areas and groups.

  4. In the Command column, click the pop-up menu of commands, navigate the available commands until you hear the one you want, then press Return.

    Use the Custom Commands menu to assign scripts and Automator workflows to gestures.

    The VoiceOver Utility window showing the Commanders category selected in the sidebar and the NumPad pane selected on the right. At the top of the NumPad pane, the Enable NumPad Commander checkbox is selected. No Modifier is selected from the Modifier pop-up menu. Below the checkbox and pop-up menu is a table with two columns: NumPad Key and Command. The second row is selected and contains 2 in the NumPad Key column and Move Down in the Command column. A pop-up menu below Move Down shows command categories, such as General; each category has an arrow to display commands that can be assigned to the current NumPad key.

When the NumPad Commander is on, its commands are included in the VoiceOver Commands menu.