macOS High Sierra

Find photos by text, content, or date

You can quickly find a photo by searching for associated text, such as the photo title, description, or date. You can also search for photos taken at a location, such as “California,” or that fall into a general category, such as “beach, “zoo,” “animal,” and “dog.”

For information about how to search using keywords assigned to photos, see Find photos by keyword.

Open Photos for me

Ask Siri. Say something like:

  • “Show me photos of California”

  • “Show me photos from April”

  • “Show me beach photos”

  • “Show me vacation photos”

  • “Show me photos of Becky”

Learn more about Siri.

  1. Click the search field in the toolbar.

    Tip: Press Command-F to quickly activate the search field.

  2. Type the search text in the search field.

    As you type, suggested searches appear below the search field. You can type multiple words separated by a space to search based on multiple criteria. For example, entering “California March” locates all photos in “California” taken in “March.

    Search field with search criteria showing one suggested search result.
  3. Click an item in the suggested searches to see matching photos.

    To display all your photos again after a search, click the Delete button in the search field.