If you see an alert in Users and Accounts on your Apple TV

Learn what to do if you see a notification in your Apple TV Settings next to a suggestion that says “Update Apple ID Settings” or “Two-Factor Authentication”.

If the suggestion says “Update Apple ID Settings”:

  1. Make sure that your iPhone or iPod touch is updated to iOS 13.1 or later, or your iPad is running iPadOS. 
  2. Check that the Apple ID that you're signed in to on your Apple TV is the same Apple ID that you're signed in to on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. 
  3. Click “Update Apple ID Settings” on your Apple TV. Then follow the steps that appear on your iOS or iPadOS device. 
  4. If you complete the steps but still see the alert, restart your Apple TV.

If the suggestion says “Two-Factor Authentication”:

  1. Restart your Apple TV.
  2. If you still see the alert on your Apple TV, go to Settings > Users and Accounts > iCloud. Sign out of iCloud, then sign back in. 

If you still see the alert

If you're not able to follow given steps on your iOS or iPadOS device, you see error codes 301024 or 71163, or can't follow the steps for your suggestion for another reason:

  1. Check that you have the Home app on your device. If you don't, download the app from the App Store. Tap the Home app and check that the home screen opens. 
  2. On your iOS or iPadOS device, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > and check that Home is turned on. 
  3. Add your Apple TV to the Home app
  4. Try the steps for your suggestion again. 
  5. If the alert is still there, contact Apple support
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