The toolbar is the row of buttons above your spreadsheet in the Numbers window. Click the buttons to see options for inserting objects like shapes, charts, and tables; to open and close the sidebar; to show find and replace, and more.

The menu bar at the top of the screen with Apple, Numbers, File, Edit, Insert, Format, Arrange, View, Share, Window, and Help menus. Below the menu bar is an open Numbers spreadsheet with toolbar buttons across the top for View, Zoom, Add Category, Insert, Table, Chart, Text, Shape, Media, and Comment.

To customize the toolbar—change which buttons appear and their arrangement—choose View > Customize Toolbar from the View menu at the top of your screen.

If you don’t see a button that’s mentioned in an instruction, the button may have been removed if the toolbar was customized. You can add it back by customizing the toolbar again.

The menu bar at the top of your screen (above the Numbers window) includes some menus that have the same names as buttons in the toolbar. These menus don’t always contain the same options as the toolbar items. In most cases, the menu bar menus include many more commands than what’s available from the toolbar.