macOS High Sierra

FaceTime preferences

To view FaceTime preferences, open FaceTime, sign in with your Apple ID, then choose FaceTime > Preferences. You can set the following options in Settings and Blocked.

Open FaceTime for me

Sign Out

Stop receiving FaceTime audio and video calls and phone calls on your Mac. You need to sign in again to use FaceTime. See Sign in to or out of FaceTime.

Enable this account

Deselect to stop receiving FaceTime calls or phone calls on your Mac. You can reenable the account without signing in again. See Sign in to or out of FaceTime.

You can be reached for FaceTime at

Select the checkboxes next to the email addresses and phone numbers that other people can use to call you in FaceTime. You can update this list on the Apple ID acccount website. See Choose how people can call you in FaceTime.

Calls from iPhone

Allow your Mac to use your iPhone to make and receive phone calls. These calls use cellular minutes. See Make and receive phone calls on your Mac.

Start new calls from

If you have more than one email address or phone number set up, choose which one others see whe