Create photo projects with third-party extensions in Photos

With extensions, you can create books, cards, websites, slideshows, wall decor, photo gifts, and more from within Photos for macOS.

Third-party project extensions in Photos expand your options beyond Apple’s own book, calendar, card, slideshow, and prints offerings. Here’s how you can work with third-party extensions in Photos for macOS.

Install a Photos extension

  1. Open Photos. Under File > Create, choose More.
  2. The Mac App Store opens to a selection of third-party project extension apps that are compatible with Photos. You can browse the available apps and click them to see details.
  3. Use the Install option in the Mac App Store to download the extension to your Mac.
  4. Return to Photos and choose File > Create.

Create a project with Photos Project Extensions

  1. From your Photos library, select a memory, an album, or some individual photos that you’d like to include in a project.
  2. Choose File > Create, or click  next to My Projects in the Photos sidebar.
  3. Select the project extension that you want to use.
  4. The first time that you use the extension, a dialog asks permission to access your Photos library. Click OK.
  5. After Photos loads the project canvas, follow the instructions that the extension provides.

Disable Photos extensions

If you no longer want to use a Photos extension, you can disable it in System Preferences. Here’s how:

  1. Choose Apple () menu > System Preferences, then click Extensions.
  2. Click Photos Projects in the left sidebar. Apps that include Photos extensions appear in the list.
  3. To disable an extension, deselect the checkbox.

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