macOS High Sierra

Use the VoiceOver Help menu

Use the VoiceOver Help menu to quickly access information about using VoiceOver, such as keyboard or sounds help. You can also display a list of VoiceOver commands that can be used for the item in the VoiceOver cursor, and choose a command.

The VoiceOver Help menu is a panel that lists, from top to bottom: Online Help, Commands Help, Keyboard Help, Sounds Help, Quick Start Tutorial, and Getting Started Guide. To the right of each item is the VoiceOver command that displays the item, or an arrow to access a submenu.

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

  1. When VoiceOver is on, press VO-H to display the VoiceOver Help menu.

    To increase or decrease the menu’s font size, press the } or { key.

  2. Navigate the menu and submenus using the arrow keys.

    • If you know the name of a menu item, type some letters of its name to narrow the menu to only items that contain those letters. To list all the items again, press the Delete key.

    • When you enter a submenu, you hear the number of items it contains.

    • If a menu item has a keyboard command, you hear it announced with the name of the item. For example, the command to open the Commands menu is VO-H-H.

  3. To select a menu item, press the Space bar or the Return key.

    To close the VoiceOver Help menu without making a selection, press the Escape key or Fn-Tab.