macOS High Sierra

Navigate using the Item Chooser

You can use the Item Chooser to quickly navigate to text, controls, links, or graphics on the screen.

The Item Chooser is a panel that lists items such as empty scroll area, close button, toolbar, and Share button, among others.

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

  1. To display the Item Chooser, press VO-I.

  2. Navigate the items in the list using the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key.

    • If you know the name of an item, such as the Close button, start typing its name to narrow the list to only items that contain those letters. To list all the items again, press the Delete key.

    • If you don’t find the item you want, press the Escape key or Fn-Tab to exit the Item Chooser without making a selection.

  3. When you’re ready, press Return or the Space bar to select an item and go to it.

    The Item Chooser closes.