The Pages window has sidebars on the left and right of the document. To see them, do any of the following:

  • Click the View menu button in the toolbar, then choose Page Thumbnails, Table of Contents, or Show Comments Pane.

  • Click the Format radio button in the toolbar to show formatting controls for whatever is selected in the document, like text, a shape, or a chart.

  • Click in the toolbar to show controls to format the document—set page orientation and size, set document margins, and set the position of headers and footers.

Note: If the sidebar on the right is open and you click the button in the toolbar for the active controls, the sidebar closes. For example, if the Format button is selected (with the Format controls in the sidebar) and you click the Format radio button, the entire sidebar closes. Clicking the Document radio button keeps the sidebar open and switches to the Document controls.