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What’s New in Reminders for iOS and iPadOS

Learn about the new features in Reminders in iOS 13 and iPadOS


All New

A completely rebuilt app that makes it easier than ever to create and organize reminders.


Quick Creation

Just type, talk to Siri, or tap the new toolbar to create reminders. Siri also suggests reminders found in Messages.


Easy Organizing

Use automatic smart lists like Today and Flagged, or organize by grouping lists or reminders.

What else is new

  • Use Siri to create reminders. You can use Siri with your voice, and Siri also works great when you’re typing. Just speak or type the details of your reminder, and Siri will understand when to remind you.

  • Tap the quick toolbar to easily add dates, times, locations, flags, and even attachments like photos and scanned documents to your reminders.

  • Use subtasks when you need to add additional details to a reminder.

  • Group multiple lists of reminders together.

  • Tag people in a reminder, and the next time you’re chatting with them in Messages, you’ll get reminded that now might be a good time to talk.

  • Siri can suggest reminders for you. When you’re chatting with someone in Messages, Siri recognizes possible reminders and makes suggestions for you to create them.

  • Customize the appearance of your lists with 12 beautiful colors and 60 expressive symbols.

  • Use iCloud to keep all your reminders and lists stored securely in the cloud and updated on all your compatible devices. Create reminders on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or even in your car using CarPlay, and they will be available on your other compatible devices.

Get step-by-step instructions and information on the features in Reminders for iOS on your iPhone and iPad, or on your iPod touch.

Existing features

  • Use Siri to create reminders with your voice or by typing.

  • Set reminders that will alert you at a date or specific time.

  • Set reminders to specific locations, for example when you arrive at a location like “home” or “work”, or when you get in your car.

  • Create dedicated lists to keep different reminders in your life organized, such as a grocery list, a camping trip list, or a list for your team’s tasks.

  • Share and collaborate on a list of reminders.

  • Use the Share menu from apps like Safari, Maps, News and others to add links to reminders.

  • Speak to Siri and ask to “remind me about this” while in another app to create a reminder with a link such as a web site link from Safari, or a map location from Maps, all without leaving the app you’re in.

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