macOS High Sierra

Scroll to content

You can scroll to content using a VoiceOver command or VoiceOver gestures.

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

Use a VoiceOver command

  1. Interact with a scroll area.

  2. To begin scrolling, press VO-Shift-S.

    You can’t use other VoiceOver commands while you’re scrolling.

  3. Scroll the content. If you hear a sound effect, you can’t scroll any farther.

    • Scroll up and down, or left and right: Press the arrow keys.

    • Scroll one page at a time: Press the Page Up or Page Down key to scroll vertically. Press Shift-Page Up or Shift-Page Down to scroll horizontally.

  4. To stop scrolling, press the Escape key or Fn-Tab.

Use VoiceOver gestures

  • To scroll one page at a time, flick up, down, left, or right with three fingers.

  • To hear the number of pages or rows that are visible on the current page, tap three fingers. VoiceOver speaks something like “Page 4 of 15 and Horizontal page 1 of 2.”

  • In the Trackpad Commander pane of VoiceOver Utility, you can select a checkbox to scroll the content (not the scroll bar) down or up. Usually when you move the scroll bar down or up, the content moves in the opposite direction. When the option is selected, the content moves in the same direction you’re scrolling.

When you interact with content, the VoiceOver cursor automatically scrolls as it navigates the content.