Import photos from another library in Photos on Mac

If you organise your collections of photos into individual libraries, you can import photos from one library into another.

In macOS Monterey or later, you can import photos and videos from another Photos library, as long as the library you want to import from doesn't have iCloud Photos turned on. When you import from another library, photos and videos will retain existing edits and most metadata will be preserved.*

Import photos from another library

  1. If the library you'd like to import into isn't already open, close Photos, press and hold the Option key as you reopen Photos, select the library you want to import your photos into, then click Choose Library.

  2. Choose File > Import.

  3. In the Import window, select the Photos library that contains the photos and videos you want to import, then click Review for Import.

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  4. Do one of the following:

    • To import the entire library, click Import All New Items.

    • To import selected photos, choose the photos to import, then click Import Selected.

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If you want to save space on your Mac after importing from a previous library, you can delete the previous library.

Save space by deleting the previous library

After you've confirmed that your photos have been imported successfully, you can save space by deleting the library you no longer need. Find the Photos library that you want to delete and move it to the bin, then choose Finder > Empty Bin to permanently delete the files.

* Keywords are not imported.

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