Create and order print products in Photos with Project Extensions

Find out how to download, install and use third-party Project Extensions in Photos for macOS.

With third-party Project Extensions for Photos, you can add a variety of powerful tools for creating photo projects and ordering print products. To get started, make sure your Mac is running macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later. Then download and install extensions from the Mac App Store.

How to find and install Photos Project Extensions

  1. Open Photos.

  2. In the Photos menu bar, choose File > Create > [project type] > App Store. The Mac App Store will open and display available Project Extensions.

  3. Click an extension to find out more, or click Get to download the extension.

  4. After the extension has downloaded, it will become available as a Project Extension in Photos.

Convert existing projects

You can update or continue to work on your existing Photos projects by converting them using third-party extensions:

  1. In the Photos sidebar under Projects, select the project you want to convert.

  2. In the Photos menu bar, choose File > Create > [project type], then choose the Project Extension you want to use. The extension will display options for the project, then it will convert the project into its own format.

  3. Use the Project Extension's interface within Photos to edit your project and place your order for print products. Click Done in the upper-right corner of Photos when you've finished. The converted project will appear in the sidebar along with your original project.

After you’ve converted your projects, you can edit them further and place orders using the extension's interface within Photos.

Create new projects

To create a new Photos project using extensions, follow these steps:

  1. Select a Memory, Album or group of photos you want to use for your project.

  2. Choose File > Create > [project type], then choose a Project Extension.

  3. Use the extension's interface to create your project, edit it and place an order.

You can add more photos to your project after it's been created: drag the photos from the Photos view and drop them onto the project's name in the sidebar.

Get help with extensions

If you need help with an extension, contact the developer.

Project Extensions for Photos may not be available in all countries or regions.

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