Create an Alchemy sound library

Sound libraries are a great way to create your own organized set of Alchemy sounds. You can create a sound library, or copy an existing sound library to another Mac.

Create a sound library

Use these steps to create your own sound library for use with Alchemy.

  1. Create a new folder named after your sound library in this folder:
     ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Plug-In Settings/Alchemy/ 
    (where ~ is your Home folder)
  2. Create subfolders named after the category of presets you want to create. Alchemy allows the following categories: Arpeggiated, Bass, Brass, Drums, Guitars, Keys, Leads, Mallets, Organs, Pads, Rhythmic, Sound Effects, Soundscapes, Strings, Synths, Vocals and Woodwinds.
  3. If you want to use your own samples, create a folder here:
    ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Alchemy Samples/
    Name the new folder after your sound library and save your samples there.
  4. Save your presets into each subfolder, for example:  
    ~Music/Audio Music Apps/Plug-In Settings/Alchemy/My Sound Library/Bass/Super Bass.acp.

After you create your sound library, you can find it in the Sound Library column of the browser. You can also copy your sound library to another computer, or share it with friends and collaborators.

Tip: Enter an artist name in Logic preferences before you save your presets. This lets you search for a library by its sound designer.  

Move a sound library to another Mac

Use these steps to move your sound library to another Mac.

On your source Mac

  1. Locate the sound library presets folder you created.
  2. Right-click or Control-click your presets folder. Choose Compress from the shortcut menu that appears to zip this folder. 
  3. Right-click or Control-click the subfolder you created in your sound library that contains your samples. Choose Compress from the shortcut menu that appears to zip this folder. 
  4. Copy the zip files to an external drive, or use AirDrop or File Sharing to move this file to another Mac.

On your destination Mac

  1. On your other Mac, unzip the folders.
  2. Copy the unzipped preset files to this folder:
    ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Plug-In Settings/Alchemy/
  3. Copy your sound library samples subfolder to this folder:
    ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Alchemy Samples/
  4. Open Logic, then open Alchemy.
  5. Choose File > Refresh Library to see the sound library you moved to this Mac.
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