Install or replace SSD modules in your Mac Pro (2019)

Learn how to install SSD modules in your Mac Pro and how to use Apple Configurator to set them up for your Mac.

Mac Pro supports up to one or two solid-state drive (SSD) modules depending on the capacity. The SSD modules are paired to and encrypted by the T2 Security Chip. If you replace the SSD modules, use Apple Configurator to erase and set them up for your Mac Pro. 

Check requirements

To install or replace the SSD modules in your Mac Pro, here's what you need:

Uninstall and install SSD modules

Do not proceed unless all data from the existing SSD has been backed up. Once a new SSD pairing operation has started, the data on the existing SSD is not recoverable.

Follow these steps to uninstall and install SSD modules in your Mac Pro.


Restore the firmware

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