Find Apple Customer Numbers, DEP Reseller IDs, and DEP Customer IDs

Learn how to find your number or ID and when to use it with Apple Business Manager or with Apple School Manager.

Find your Apple Customer Number or DEP Reseller ID

Whether you purchase your devices from Apple or from a participating Apple Authorized Reseller, learn how to find your number or ID.

If you purchased from Apple

When you purchase from Apple, we assign an Apple Customer Number to your organization. If you don’t know your Apple Customer Number, contact your finance department or Apple Sales.

If you buy Apple devices from an Apple Store, ask the Business Team for your Apple Customer Number.

If you purchased from an Apple Authorized Reseller or wireless carrier

Contact your Apple Authorized Reseller or wireless carrier. Confirm that they support the Device Enrollment feature of Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, then ask for their DEP Reseller ID. If they don't support these programs, ask them to contact their distributor or Apple account team to enroll your devices.

What you need to enroll

When your organization enrolls in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager, you'll receive an email from Apple after your enrollment is approved. Then, to add device suppliers, enter your Apple Customer Number or your reseller or carrier's DEP Reseller ID:*

  1. Log in to Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager
  2. Click Settings, then click Device Purchases.
  3. Next to Apple Customer Numbers or DEP Reseller IDs, click Add.
  4. Enter your number or ID.
  5. Click Save.

You can also find your DEP Customer ID on this page. If you enter a DEP Reseller ID, you also need to provide your DEP Customer ID to your reseller or carrier.

* If you represent a large organization, like a school district, you might have more than one Apple Customer Number or DEP Reseller ID. You can add multiple Apple Customer Numbers or DEP Reseller IDs when you enroll, or any time after you enroll.

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