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Logic Pro for iPad

Get to know Logic Pro for iPad

Logic Pro for iPad has everything you need to create professional audio projects entirely on iPad, from songwriting and beat making to editing and mixing.

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For full access to all of the features and content in Logic Pro for iPad, you can sign up for a trial, monthly or yearly subscription. Or find out how to change or cancel your subscription.

Work between iPad and Mac

Find out about best practices when working on Logic Pro projects between your iPad and Mac.

Update your app

Find out how to turn automatic app updates on or off, and how to manually update Logic Pro at any time.

If Logic Pro for iPad isn’t working

Find out what to do if Logic Pro for iPad won’t open, won’t play your project or isn’t operating as expected.

Logic Pro for Mac

About Logic Pro for Mac

Find out how to purchase, download and install Logic Pro for Mac. Or find out about the Logic Pro for Mac Trial.

Use third-party plug-ins

Find out about using third-party Audio Unit plug-ins and external devices with Logic Pro on Mac computers with Apple silicon.

If Logic Pro isn't working

Follow these steps to isolate, troubleshoot and fix issues in Logic Pro for Mac.

If you can't record audio

In macOS Mojave or later, you’ll need to allow Logic Pro to access the built-in or connected audio inputs.

Avoid system overloads

Find out what to do if a system overload alert interrupts playback or recording in Logic Pro.

Your guide to Logic Pro

Logic Pro User Guides

Find out about features and discover all that Logic Pro can do on your iPad or Mac.

Release notes

See a detailed list of enhancements and fixes in current and previous versions of Logic Pro for iPad and Logic Pro for Mac.

Logic Remote User Guides

Find out how to use the Logic Remote app to control Logic Pro for Mac using your iPad or iPhone.

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