macOS High Sierra

Use the gestures rotor

If you use VoiceOver gestures, you can use the gestures rotor to navigate. The gestures rotor is like a virtual dial you turn to change how you navigate, based on the current context.

When you browse webpages, the settings in the gestures rotor vary based on the items you selected in the Web Rotor pane of the Web category in VoiceOver Utility. By default, they include Links, Headings, Form Controls, Web Spots, Tables, and Landmarks.

In other contexts, the gestures rotor can include settings such as Characters, Words, Window Spots, Content Chooser, and Navigation.

  1. Rotate two fingers anywhere on the trackpad until you hear the setting you want to use, such as Words.

    As you “turn” the rotor, VoiceOver speaks each setting and plays a clicking sound. If you miss a setting, keep turning the rotor until you hear the setting again.

  2. Flick up or down to navigate to the previous or next instance of an item, based on the current setting.

    For example, if the current setting is Words, flicking down moves the VoiceOver cursor to the next word.