macOS High Sierra

What is iCloud Photo Sharing?

With iCloud Photo Sharing, you can create shared albums and easily invite others to view them. The people you invite can view your album from any Mac, PC, or iOS device at any time. If they sign into iCloud with their Apple ID, they can like your photos, add comments—and, if you’ve allowed it, even add their own photos and video clips to the album. (If your invitees don’t sign in to iCloud, they can still see your shared photos and videos if you set up a public website.)

The Shared pane of the Photos window, showing shared albums.

Here’s how it works: First, turn on iCloud Photo Sharing anywhere you want to use it—on your Mac, iOS device, or PC. (To use iCloud on your Windows PC, you need to install iCloud for Windows. For more information, see Install iCloud for Windows.) Then, select the photos or videos you want to share in Photos, create a new shared album, and enter your friends’ email addresses. Your friends receive an invitation to subscribe to your shared album. When they accept (if they sign in to iCloud), the shared album appears in their Photos app, where they can view, like, and comment on the photos in the album—and they can even add photos to the shared album. When you (or your subscribers) add an item to a shared album, it automatically appears on all your subscribers’ devices.

Family Sharing

You can also use Family Sharing to keep your family members up to date on all the latest events, important photos, and memorable occasions in your life. When you turn on Family Sharing and set up a family in iCloud preferences in macOS, a Family album is created under Shared in the sidebar. All subscribed family members can easily add photos, video clips, and comments to the album, right from Photos. Whenever a family member adds an item or comment, everyone’s devices are updated.

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