macOS High Sierra

Use router keys on a braille display

Many braille displays have router keys above the braille cells that you can use to move the VoiceOver cursor. Generally, you press the router key above a particular item in the line of braille to move the VoiceOver cursor or selection to that item.

Pressing a router key over a control moves the VoiceOver cursor to that control. If the VoiceOver cursor is already on that control, pressing the router key performs the control’s default action. For example, to click a button, press the router key to move the VoiceOver cursor to the button, then press the router key again to click the button. You don’t have to touch the computer’s keyboard. Similarly, when you’re reading or navigating text and you press a router key, the VoiceOver cursor moves to that location in text.

You can also press the router key above a status cell to display an expanded braille description of each dot in the cell. To exit the description, press any other router key.