macOS High Sierra

Use Launchpad

Launchpad provides a full-screen grid of icons representing the apps on your Mac.

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

  1. Go to the Dock by pressing VO-D, then navigate to the Launchpad icon by pressing VO-Left Arrow or VO-Right Arrow.

  2. Open Launchpad by pressing VO-Space bar.

    VoiceOver automatically interacts with the grid.

  3. Navigate down, up, left, and right in the grid by pressing VO and an arrow key.

    If you have a lot of apps, Launchpad may have more than one page. To display other pages, stop interacting with the grid, navigate to the radio buttons at the bottom of the page, then select a radio button.

  4. To open an app, press VO-Space bar.

    To exit Launchpad without opening an app, press the Escape key or Fn-Tab.

You can drag and drop apps to rearrange them in Launchpad. For more information, see Drag and drop items.