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Use Disk Utility to manage disks, add and manage volumes, and manage RAID disk sets.

Four volumes in the APFS container in the Disk Utility sidebar.

Let macOS manage space between multiple volumes

With Apple File System (APFS), the file system introduced in macOS 10.13, you can easily add and delete volumes on your solid state drives (SSDs). APFS-formatted volumes automatically grow and shrink—you never have to repartition an SSD drive again. To see the format of a volume, select it in the Disk Utility sidebar—its format is displayed underneath the volume name in the middle of the window.

The APFS (Encrypted) option in the Format menu.

Keep your external storage devices secure

When you get a new flash drive, format it as APFS and encrypt it with a password to protect its contents. To get started, select your device in the sidebar, click the Erase button, then click the Format pop-up menu and choose APFS (Encrypted).

The First Aid dialog in the Disk Utility toolbar.

Give your disk a checkup

If you’re having problems with a disk, Disk Utility can check the disk and repair problems it detects. To check, select a disk or volume in the sidebar, then click the First Aid button.

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