Automator workflows contain a series of actions placed together to accomplish a task. Each action is a single step in the task. When you run the workflow, the actions are performed in sequence from top to bottom.

To build a workflow, find an action in the Library and drag it into the workflow area on the right. When an action is added to the workflow, it is linked to the other actions in the workflow so that the output from one action can be passed as input to the next action.

Some actions require specific types of input. If an action needs to receive a certain type of file or information, it must be placed in the workflow following an action that generates that type of file or information. For example, an action that reads text should not be placed after an action that generates image files. The type of input required for an action is shown on the top-right side of the action.

When the output for an action matches the input for the following action, you can see the actions connect in the workflow. If the output of an action and the input for the following action don’t match, there is a gap between them in the workflow.

To make the workflow perform its task, or to test your workflow, click Run.