Work with MIDI controller transforms in MainStage

Set up multiple controller transforms on a single channel strip.

In MainStage, you can remap the values for some MIDI control messages so that input values from your controller produce different output values on the channel strip. You can then change the scale of the value as it transforms between the input and output values. You can assign multiple transforms to a single channel strip.

Add a controller transform

You can transform input values for pitch bend, channel pressure, and MIDI continuous controller (CC) messages.  For example, you can transform MIDI volume values from your controller to send expression values to the channel strip or transform input breath values to send modulation values.

  1. In MainStage, click Edit, or press Command–2 to open the Edit window.
  2. In the Channel Strips area, select an instrument or external MIDI channel strip.
  3. In the Channel Strip Inspector, click MIDI Input. Some patches might have existing controller transforms.
  4. To add a new transform, click   at the bottom of the Channel Strip Inspector. You can also select an existing input message type in the list and edit it.
  5. In the Input Controller column, click the input message type in the list you want to change, then choose an input message type from the pop-up menu.
  6. In the Output Controller column, click the corresponding output message type, and choose an output message type from the pop-up menu. The available output message types depend on the input message type you selected.

To add another controller transform to the channel strip, click  at the bottom of the Channel Strip Inspector. 

Edit the transform

After you add a controller transform, you can edit it using the graph. In the Transform column of the Input and Output Controllers list, double-click the icon for the transform you want to edit. In the Transform window, click a preset transform at the top. Or, click in the graph to create points, and drag them to create your own curve. 

You can reset and invert the curve at any time. 

You can also copy a curve, and paste it into a different transform.

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