New features and enhancements in the version of Alchemy introduced in Logic Pro X 10.2

The version of the software synthesizer Alchemy introduced in Logic Pro X 10.2 and MainStage 3.2 is a significant update to the Alchemy 1.5 version previously distributed by Camel Audio. The following is a list of the primary changes.

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  • Significantly improved audio morphing that uses advanced cross-synthesis incorporating Additive, Spectral, Formant, Pitch, and Envelope elements
  • Linear and XY morph options and control of individual elements with intuitive display


  • More accurate additive resynthesis with a new partial tracker
  • 8 new additive effects – Pulse/Saw, Harmonic, Beating, Stretch, Shift, Magnet, Spread, Auto Pan
  • Enhanced additive editor
  • Real-time spectrogram visualization


  • Enhanced resynthesis improves clarity of transients and pitch shifting
  • Support for stereo resynthesis
  • Enhanced spectral editor with masking
  • Real-time spectrogram visualization


  • Pitch correction with adjustments for amount and speed
  • Correction methods include: One Note, Octaves, Fifths, Octave & Fifths, Chromatic


  • Formant resynthesis with unprecedented flexibility using Shift, Keyboard Tracking, Size, Center and Smooth controls
  • Formant synthesis for transforming and morphing between a wide range of filter shapes including vowel, comb, hi/low pass and notch


  • Up to 8 taps with up to 10 grains per tap
  • Tap spacing control
  • Control for spreading taps across stereo field


  • Imports EXS24 sampler instruments
  • Redesigned keymap editor
  • Support for release samples
  • Reverse playback button
  • Import audio using Drum or Pitch automatic keymap modes 
  • Group editor with round robin, key-switches, and controllers

Virtual Analog

  • Dedicated virtual analog engine with sync and alias free PWM 
  • Noise section with 13 noise types
  • Waveform shape display


  • Completely redesigned filters which faithfully reproduce analog filters from classic synthesizers
  • New "Dirty Bee" filter, FM, Compressor, and ultra steep LP10 and HP10 filters
  • Enhanced comb filters

Source Controls

  • Per source voice management and portamento controls
  • Send each source to its own effect rack
  • New source filter types with drive control
  • Keyswitches can now be modulated
  • More intuitive layout with tabbed synthesis areas
  • Arpeggiate each source individually


  • 4 discrete arpeggiators; one for each source
  • Switch between up to 16 patterns using modulation
  • Multi view unifies the editing of patterns and per-step tie, tune and pan
  • Rate knob with modulation support


  • Convolution reverb with access to over 1000 impulse responses – arenas, cathedrals, halls, bathrooms, cars, and more
  • 5 discrete effects racks; one for each source and master output
  • Phaser with up to 32 poles
  • Waveshaper with interactive breakpoint graph uses multiple nodes and curves to emulate the sound of tubes, rectifiers, and other distortions
  • Vintage compressor
  • Use multiple instances of any effect
  • Drag and drop reordering within effects chain
  • Each rack holds up to 16 effects


  • Real-time post modulation visual feedback
  • Graphical AHDSR controls
  • Tempo sync for AHDSR
  • Performance Controls can be locked, allowing you to keep their position while moving the Transform Pad
  • Transform Pad snapshots can be named
  • 16 modulation slots per destination in scrollable Rack
  • Modmap Key Mode – specify a value for each note on the keyboard
  • Envelope followers at 8 points in the signal chain
  • Enhanced MSEG editor
  • Extra layer of modulation

Import Browser

  • Redesigned Browser Window
  • Mark folders as favorites
  • Dropzone for importing multiple files
  • Drag and drop samples onto import browser or source to import

Sample Library

  • 3100 Alchemy presets
  • 300 Logic patches using Alchemy
  • 14 GB of samples
  • Each preset provides eight specially designed Transform Pad variations which can be individually named

Other improvements

  • Redesigned, more intuitive user interface
  • Quality control to reduce CPU usage
  • Browse and load Alchemy 1.5 presets (some presets may sound different than in 1.5)
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