Logic Remote release notes

Learn what's new in Logic Remote.

New in Logic Remote 1.5.1


  • Logic Remote no longer quits unexpectedly sometimes when playing notes on a connected MIDI keyboard.


  • The mixer view in Logic Remote now updates more reliably to match Logic Pro.
  • On iPad, moving a fader on the Mixer after scrolling no longer causes other faders to appear to move as well.

Live Loops

  • The Grid Stop button now behaves as expected after tapping Edit in Live Loops view. 

Touch Instruments

  • Drum pads and Smart Controls now show reliably when loading Electronic Drum Kit patches.

Previous versions


Logic Remote 1.5

New features and enhancements

  • Adds the ability to control Step Sequencer using your iPad or iPhone to create beats, bass lines, and melodic parts.
  • Supports keyboard commands when using a Smart Keyboard or Bluetooth keyboard.

Stability and reliability

  • Logic Remote no longer hangs sometimes:
    • When accessing the Library after viewing the Mixer when connected to MainStage.
    • When using Live Loops and Remix FX on an iPhone.


  • VoiceOver now announces the view selection buttons in the top bar.
  • Using VoiceOver to disable Sustain on Chord Strips now works correctly.

Live Loops

  • Scene names and trigger buttons now remain visible while dragging Live Loops cells.
  • Live Loops now behaves more reliably when selecting and triggering scenes.
  • The Scene Setting window now reliably appears after adding tracks in Logic Pro. 
  • Swiping to trigger cells now reliably queues them for playback.
  • Logic Remote now reliably updates the view to show Live Loops cells selected in Logic.
  • Logic Remote now scrolls reliably after adjusting the size of the Live Loops grid.
  • Held notes are no longer unexpectedly cut off when cell recording starts.
  • Live Loops cell colors now display correctly when the Region Color option is set to “As Track Color” in Logic Pro.


  • Two finger gestures on an external trackpad can now be used to control panners, knobs and faders.
  • The mixer view in Logic Remote now updates more reliably to match Logic Pro.
  • The page view controller buttons in plug-in windows now respond to single taps.
  • The Drum Kit Designer plug-in now reliably displays on the channel strip for Drummer tracks.

Smart Controls

  • The Smart Controls view in Logic Pro now updates to reflect changes made on Logic Remote.

Touch Instruments

  • Touch Instruments now respond reliably to MIDI input from external controllers connected using the camera adapter kit.
  • Fretboard view on the iPhone now remains visible after going to the Perform Using view and back without changing the selection.


  • The Library window now remains open after tapping a preset to allow easy sound browsing.


  • On iPhone, the Cut command now works as expected after selecting Live Loops cells in landscape orientation and then switching to portrait orientation before executing the Cut command.
  • Logic remote now displays the correct track after switching the view from Smart Controls to Live Loops.
  • Logic Remote now shows a dialog when the New Track window is open in a new empty project in Logic Pro.

Logic Remote 1.4

New Features/Enhancements

  • Control Live Loops from your iPad or iPhone by triggering cells or switching between scenes.
  • Use Multi-Touch to perform Remix FX on individual tracks or the entire song mix.
  • Browse and add Apple Loops to your Live Loops projects from your iPad.
  • Logic Remote now supports Dark Mode.


  • The Fretboard on iPhone is now accessible using VoiceOver.
  • Settings for I/O, Sends, and the master fader are now accessible using VoiceOver.
  • The previous track button is now properly announced by VoiceOver.


  • Logic Remote no longer quits unexpectedly sometimes when playing chord strips immediately after waking the device on iPad Pro with 12.9-inch screen.
  • Logic Remote no longer quits unexpectedly sometimes when changing patches rapidly in MainStage.


  • The Pan and Binaural Pan menu items no longer are unexpectedly displayed on mono tracks, and display as expected on stereo tracks.
  • Moving a fader to +6 dB in Logic Remote no longer causes the corresponding fader in Logic to jump to -∞.
  • Track Stacks no longer show a superfluous pan control.
  • When adjusting a Pan control, the overlay now shows the absolute Pan value rather than the value relative to the previous setting.
  • Logic Remote now displays faders in gold when Logic was in Sends on Faders mode.
  • In projects containing more channels than can be shown at once, it is now possible to swipe the view directly to the Master channel strip in the Mixer.
  • Logic Remote now reliably displays a second plug-in inserted on a channel strip.
  • Pop-up windows for channel strip input, output, stereo and pan assignments now show checkmarks next to the currently assigned settings.
  • Logic Remote no longer displays spurious solo buttons on the Stereo Out and Master channel strips.
  • Bus sends are no longer sometimes unexpectedly bypassed after a different bus is bypassed, the device home button is pressed, and then Logic Remote is brought to the foreground again.
  • The buttons to open plug-ins now work reliably.
  • The Instrument slot on a Software Instrument channel strip no longer switches to "No Input" instead of "Instrument"  when a Drum Kit Designer plug-in is removed from the slot using Logic Control.
  • Plug-in pop-up windows now work reliably after changing the order of plug-ins on the channel strip.
  • The first channel is now properly labeled "Audio 1" in projects that contain a large number of tracks.
  • The first tracks in the Logic Remote mixer now respond to touch in projects that contain more tracks than can fit at once on the iPad screen.
  • The faders on Logic Remote now visibly update as expected after writing automation.
  • Logic Remote faders now show decimal increments for fader values.
  • Mono channels no longer incorrectly display a pan control panned all the way to the left.


  • Switching from a plug-in with multiple pages to one with a single page no longer causes the view to go blank.
  • The Linear Phase EQ now has the same design as in Logic Pro X and MainStage.
  • The gain controls for parametric bands in the Channel EQ now affect the correct bands.
  • The Channel EQ Gain Scaler and Analyzer scale controls can now be adjusted directly from the touch screen.
  • Logic Remote now reliably shows the shaded bandwidth area for an EQ band in the Channel EQ while adjusting the frequency.

Smart Controls

  • Drum Machine Designer kit piece names now display as expected in the Drum Pads view.


  • Smart Controls no longer appear inactive after undoing deletion of a patch.
  • The Sustain switch now reliably activates when using Logic Remote with MainStage when switching from "Smart Controls and Keyboard" to "Chord Strips" and back to "Smart Controls and Keyboard" again.
  • The Key Command view now retains the current page when switching to another view and then back.
  • The Tempo button in the Tempo and Time Signature window now visibly indicates being tapped.
  • When editing the Key Commands page on an iPhone in landscape, the correct page number is reliably indicated.
  • The playhead no longer unexpectedly changes position when changing from portrait to landscape orientation on iPhone X.

Logic Remote 1.3.5

• Includes stability improvements and bug fixes.

Logic Remote 1.3.4

• Includes stability improvements and bug fixes.

Logic Remote 1.3.3

 New Features and enhancements

  • iPhone now offers more Touch instrument controls, including guitar, bass, drums, Smart Strings and chord strips.


  • The name for the master output channel on the mixer now remains visible after adding tracks.
  • On iPhone, selecting an empty Software Instrument channel strip no longer incorrectly displays audio interface input controls.
  • The EQ again reliably displays correctly on the iOS device. 
  • External Instrument channel strips added to MainStage now show solo buttons in Logic Remote.
  • The Stereo Output channel no longer sometimes shows a Record button on iPhone. 
  • The plug-in setting pop-over now remains open until you tap outside its boundaries, making it easier to audition different settings.

Stability and reliability

  • Logic Remote no longer quits unexpectedly on iPhone if the device is rotated while the “Please open a Logic Project to begin” dialog is being displayed. 


  • If MainStage is relaunched while Logic Remote is showing the "Please open a MainStage concert to begin" dialog, the dialog now closes as expected after opening a concert. 
  • Logic Remote now shows the “Please open a Logic project to begin” dialog instead of the mixer from the previous project when a file is closed on the host. 
  • Logic Remote now allows creation of up to six Drummer tracks with GarageBand.
  • Muted notes played on the fretboard of a Chord Strip are now recorded properly in GarageBand. 
  • Sustain is now automatically disabled when the arpeggiator is enabled.
  • There is now better velocity sensitivity response when playing Touch Instruments.


  • Logic Remote now controls the puck in Alchemy as expected. 

Logic Remote 1.3.2


  • Scrolling the Mixer no longer causes the Peak Meters to go blank.
  • Changes made to track names and colors on the host are now immediately visible in the Inspector of Logic Remote.
  • Tapping on an empty send in Logic Remote no longer displays unusable commands, such as Bypass.
  • The Sends menu no longer comes up unexpectedly when tapping an External MIDI, or Output channel.
  • Changes to a channel’s panning mode in the host application area are now immediately reflected in Logic Remote.
  • Stereo pan controls can now be inverted directly from Logic Remote.
  • The Record button now reliably becomes visible when Show/Hide Record Enable Button is chosen in GarageBand while using Logic Remote on the iPhone.
  • It's now possible to add additional sends using Logic Remote when the first page of sends is full, and there are not yet any sends on the second page.


  • On the iPhone, all bar and beat position values are now visible when the playhead position is earlier than the first bar of the song.
  • The Timeline now remains visible after the device is rotated to landscape and then back to portrait mode.
  • Help tags now reliably remain visible on iPhone.

Logic Remote 1.3.1

Touch Instruments

  • It's now possible to set the Drum Kit as the Touch Instrument input for any Software Instrument patch.
  • Logic Remote’s Touch Instrument input method now updates reliably when changing patches.
  • The Touch Instruments keyboard no longer sends an unexpectedly large number of Sustain Off messages in some circumstances.


  • Level meters throughout the application now register peaks in a consistent manner.
  • Level meters now display value readouts.
  • Double-tapping an empty EQ overview now adds the EQ plug-in type specified by the host application.
  • Double-tapping the compressor slot now inserts a Compressor plug-in.
  • Double-tapping a volume fader now sets its gain to 0db.
  • Mixer channels now show a clip indicator on iPhone.
  • It is now possible to reset all level meters by tapping the peak level display on one meter.
  • It is now possible to bypass individual sends in the Logic Remote Mixer view.
  • It is now possible to assign new sends in the Logic Remote Mixer view.
  • Bypassed sends are now dimmed in the Logic Remote Mixer view.
  • Plug-ins assigned to channel strips can now be opened with a double-tap.
  • On iPhone, removing the last send from the Send 5-8 bank now causes the view to switch to the Sends 1-4 bank as expected.
  • On iPhone, the scale on the Master meter no longer shows as linear when exponential is chosen in Logic’s preferences.
  • In EXS24, the Prev/Next buttons are now correctly labeled.

Key Commands

  • Key command buttons on Logic Remote now illuminate to show their state.


  • Logic Remote now supports Trim and Relative automation modes.
  • Logic Remote now reliably showed the correct path to selected patches.
  • Logic Remote no longer sends unexpected sustain off messages at the start of MIDI recording.
  • The space bar on an iPad Pro Smart Keyboard can now be used to stop/start.

Logic Remote 1.3

New features and enhancements

  • Adds support for iPad Pro and iPhone.
    (iPhone version is compatible with Logic Pro X only and limited to transport control, dual channel strip faders, automation recording, and access to key commands)
  • You can now connect multiple devices running Logic Remote simultaneously to the same host application.
  • You can now drag key command buttons to new positions in the Key Commands view.
  • The Reset Solo button now controls the Kill/Recall Solo button in Logic Pro X.

iPad Pro enhancements

  • The higher resolution of the iPad Pro allows it to display more:
    • The number of visible channel strips in the mixer increases from 9 to 12.
    • The maximum number of currently playable piano keys increases from 31 to 41.
    • The number of visible key command buttons increases from 24 to 35.
    • The number of currently playable Chord Strips increases from 8 to 12.
  • Logic Remote on the iPad Pro includes a combined view that offers a row of Key Commands in addition to the Smart Controls + Touch Instrument view and the Chord Strips view.
  • On the iPad Pro, the Channel Strip element is combined with the plug-in interface. This allows you to use the plug-in chain without returning to the Mixer view.


  • Logic Remote 1.3 includes various fixes and enhancements to improve connectivity.

Key commands 

  • The Key Commands window now refreshes as expected when reconnecting to a host.
  • Tapping an unassigned key command cell on Logic Remote no longer causes the screen in Logic Pro X to flash.


  • It's no longer necessary to open a Channel EQ plug-in window on the host for Logic Remote to display the EQ curve.
  • Adjusting the ES2 Digiwaves slider from Logic Remote no longer causes ES2 to unexpectedly cycle through waves.

Touch instruments

  • The onscreen keyboard now triggers sound as expected after switching from the keyboard to chord strips and then back to the keyboard.

Logic Remote 1.2.3

  • The EQ graph on the Channel EQ now draws correctly.
  • Gain values on the Channel EQ now render in the correct position on the screen.
  • When used with GarageBand, Logic Remote no longer shows Note Repeat and Spot Erase buttons on the Drum Pads view.

Logic Remote 1.2.2

New features

  • Logic Remote now includes tabbed Transform Pad and X/Y Pad Smart Controls for Alchemy instruments.
  • It's now possible to create more than one Drummer track in Logic Pro X or GarageBand using Logic Remote.
  • A double-tap on an Instrument slot now opens the Instrument plug-in.

Additional updates

  • Includes general stability improvements.
  • Logic Remote now shows the same warning dialog as Logic Pro X when Automation Write mode is selected.
  • When selecting an input or output in Logic Remote, the current channel is now indicated by a checkmark.

Logic Remote 1.2.1

New features

  • Logic remote no longer shows an unneeded Solo button on External MIDI channel strips.
  • Editing graphs in the Graphic EQ is more responsive.
  • You can now dismiss pop-up menus brought up from a channel strip by tapping anywhere on the same channel strip.

Logic Remote 1.2

New features

  • You can adjust the Logic Pro X Channel EQ directly from an iPad.
  • A new plug-in view provides access to Logic or Audio Unit plug-in parameters with Logic Pro X.
  • You can remotely add or reorder plug-ins with Logic Pro X.
  • Control the microphone and other input settings for compatible audio interfaces
  • It is now possible to navigate tracks in the LCD pop-up menu.
  • Holding the transport channel switch buttons now scrolls through tracks or channels.
  • Single-tapping the center of a knob no longer affects its value.
  • The Bass Fretboard touch instrument is now available with all patches.
  • Logic Remote now has an option to override the system sleep settings on an iPad.
  • The Metronome button's state now reflects the state of the Metronome in Logic Pro X or GarageBand.
  • The Mixer now opens to the last selected view.


  • Logic Remote no longer quits unexpectedly when switching to Smart Controls view from Drum Pad or Chord Strip view with a drum machine patch selected.


  • If you reopen Logic Pro X, Logic Remote no longer briefly shows an unneeded “Please open a Logic project” dialog while reconnecting.
  • Logic Remote no longer overrides MainStage’s tremolo knob position.
  • The next and previous patch buttons are now reliably available with MainStage when you select the first or last patch in the patch list.

Logic Remote 1.1.1

  • Adds support for iOS 8

Logic Remote 1.1

  • New streamlined design
  • Adds more scale choices for Touch Instruments

Logic Remote 1.0.4

Fixes an issue that prevented scale modes and chord strips from updating to the current project key.

Logic Remote 1.0.3

  • Includes support for MainStage 3.
  • There is now a slider to adjust the velocity sensitivity of Touch Instruments.
  • Logic Remote no longer offers the menu item “New Drummer Track” when the current Logic project already has a Drummer track.
  • The screen to insert a plug-in is no longer blank after creating a new project in the Smart Controls/Touch Instruments view.
  • The Remove Key Command menu item no longer appears when tapping an empty tile in the Key Commands window.
  • Resolves a rare issue in which the Logic Remote and GarageBand timelines might become out of sync. 
  • Logic Remote no longer prevents iPad from entering sleep mode.
  • When a new patch is created via the gear menu, Logic Remote now switches to the Library view.
  • Includes several accessibility improvements.

Logic Remote 1.0.2

  • Adds compatibility with GarageBand for Mac (v10.0).
  • Velocity range is adjustable for Touch Instruments.
  • Library Browser and Smart Controls can now appear on screen together.
  • Includes various improvements to enhance performance and stability.

Logic Remote 1.0.1

  • Includes several improvements to resolve issues related to connecting Logic Remote to the computer running Logic Pro X.
  • Resolves an issue in which Logic Remote might quit unexpectedly when changing banks in the Mixer while moving a fader.
  • Resolves an issue in which notes might hang while switching articulation settings.
  • Fixes an issue in which the Chord Strip window might turn black if an empty Software Instrument track was created while it was open.
  • Resolves an issue in which the Logic Remote LCD sometimes showed "Not Connected" after it successfully connected to Logic Pro X.
  • The velocity range when playing Software Instruments from Logic Remote has increased.
  • Fixes an issue in which switching out of Logic Remote while holding notes on the keyboard might lead to stuck notes in Logic Pro X.
  • Includes several improvements to reduce the likelihood of hanging notes when using a USB keyboard with iPad.
  • iPad no longer goes to sleep if Logic Remote is sending MIDI, or if Logic Pro X is playing.
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