How to scan documents on your iPhone or iPad

You can use the Notes app to scan documents and add signatures on your iPhone or iPad.

Scan a document

  1. Open Notes and select a note or create a new one.

  2. Tap the Camera buttonCamera button , then tap Scan DocumentsScan Documents .

  3. Place your document in view of the camera.

  4. If your device is in Auto mode, your document will automatically scan. If you need to manually capture a scan, tap the Shutter buttonShutter button or press one of the Volume buttons. Then drag the corners to adjust the scan to fit the page, then tap Keep Scan.

  5. Tap Save or add additional scans to the document.


Learn how to use the Continuity Camera to scan notes from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac.

Sign a document

  1. Open Notes, then tap the document in the note.

  2. Tap the Share buttonShare button , then tap Markuptap Markup .

  3. Tap the Add buttonAdd button , then tap SignatureSignature and add a saved signature or create a new signature. Then you can adjust the size of the signature box and place it wherever you want on the document.

  4. Tap Done.


To manually sign your document, follow steps 1-2, then select a tool to use and sign the document with your finger or an Apple Pencil with a compatible iPad.

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