Exchange "Pro Apps Bundle for Education" redemption codes

Exchange redeemable codes from the Pro Apps Bundle for Education for apps that you can distribute to managed devices.

If you purchased the Pro Apps Bundle for Education and your organization is enrolled in Apple School Manager, you can exchange unredeemed app codes that you purchased separately or that are preinstalled with the purchase of a Mac for app licenses that you can use with managed distribution. The apps are added to the Content Manager account you provide.

Get the Pro Apps Bundle for Education

You can buy the Pro Apps Bundle for Education from the Apple Online Store for Education1. After you purchase the Bundle, you receive email with redeemable content codes for each app. You can only exchange unredeemed codes.

Exchange codes for managed distribution apps

  1. Visit the Education support form.

  2. From the “Tell us about your issue” menu, choose "Other".

  3. Complete the required fields and submit the form.

After you submit the form, an Apple support advisor will contact you to request a list of unredeemed app codes to exchange and the Content Manager account you would like the managed distribution apps added to.

After you receive the exchanged apps, you can't change the distribution method.

Education pricing for individuals through the Apple Online Education Store is available to college students, students accepted to college, parents buying for college students, faculty, homeschool teachers, and staff at all grade levels

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