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Browse the web, save and share your favorite websites, maintain privacy and security while browsing, and shop safely with Apple Pay.

A Safari window showing a magazine website.
The Safari start page, showing favorite and frequently visited websites.

Quickly get to the sites you want

See your favorite and frequently visited websites, all on one page. You also see bookmarks, your Reading List, iCloud tabs, and links sent to you in Messages. To see them all on one page, choose Bookmarks > Show Favorites.

The Picture in Picture window floating above another website.

Play videos in a floating window

When you watch a video, click and hold the Audio button in the Smart Search field, then choose Enter Picture in Picture. The video floats on top, so you can always see it. Drag the video to any corner of the screen, and resize it to see more or less of what’s behind it.

A Safari window with the first part of a website address entered in the Smart Search field. The same website appears in the results list under Switch to Tab, because it’s already open in another tab.

Avoid duplicate tabs

If you start typing a website address in the Smart Search field, and the website is already open in another tab, Safari shows the website in the results list. Choose the website to use the existing tab.

A dialog showing the options for sharing the camera and microphone on your Mac with a website.

Allow websites to share your screen

When you visit a website that wants to use the camera and microphone on your Mac, such as a video conference site, you’re asked if you want to allow it.

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