Use Markup in Mail on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

With Mail, you can use Markup to add drawings, text, a signature, and more to photo and PDF attachments.

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Mark up attachments

With Markup, you can sign a PDF and quickly send it to someone. Or you can write a message or draw on a photo, then send it. You can use Markup when you add an attachment to a new email or reply to an email you receive with Markup.

You can only use Markup on photos and PDFs.


Attach a photo or PDF to edit with Markup

  1. Open Mail and tap .
  2. Double-tap in the body of your new email and tap Insert Photo or Video or tap Add Attachment.
  3. Find the photo or PDF that you want to attach and mark up, then tap Choose.
  4. Tap the attachment, then tap Markup.
  5. Choose a tool and mark up your attachment, then tap Done.
  6. Write your message, then tap Send.

Edit a photo or PDF you receive with Markup

When you get an email attachment, you can make changes and send it back—all without leaving the Mail app. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the attachment, then tap .
  2. Choose a tool and mark up your attachment, then tap Done.
  3. Write your message, then tap Send.

Tools for Markup

Sketch, add text, zoom in, or add your signature to photos or PDFs in the Mail app. If you make a mistake, tap  to undo. To delete a markup, tap , then tap the portion of the markup that you want to delete.


Use the Pen tool to draw directly on a photo or PDF. Tap , tap a color, then use your finger to draw on the attachment. Tap a different pen tool to change the line width.

Zoom in

Tap , then tap  to zoom in on part of an image or PDF. Drag the blue dot along the edge of the circle to increase the area that you want to magnify. Drag the green dot to zoom in or out.

Add text

Tap , then tap  to add text. Choose a color for your text. Double tap inside the text box to bring up the keyboard. To change the font or size of your text, tap  . To move the text box, drag it.

Sign a document

Tap , then tap , use your finger to sign your name, then tap Done. If you already have a signature, tap  , then tap your signature. Drag your signature to move it or drag the corner of the box in or out to resize it. To add or delete signatures, tap   , then tap Add or Remove Signature.

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