If Siri isn't working on your Apple Watch

Learn what to do if Siri doesn't respond or asks you to try again.

After each step, see if Siri responds:

  1. Check the Internet connection on your Apple Watch. 
  2. On your iPhone, see if Siri is turned on. Tap Settings > Siri & Search, then turn on Listen for "Hey Siri". Or tap Listen for and turn on Siri. 
  3. On your Apple Watch, see if Siri is turned on. Tap Settings > Siri.
  4. Restart your Apple Watch.
  5. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Siri & Search, then turn off Listen for "Hey Siri". Or tap Listen for > Off. Then turn it on again.
  6. See if the microphone or speaker on your Apple Watch is blocked. For example, if your device has a protective case, remove it. 
  7. If Siri doesn't speak on Apple Watch Series 3 or later, you might need to download its voice. The download happens when you’re on Wi-Fi and your Apple Watch is charging. To give the download time to complete, try charging your Apple Watch overnight. To check the status of the download on your Apple Watch, tap Settings > Siri, then scroll to Siri Voice. Learn which languages Siri speaks.

If Siri still doesn't respond, contact Apple Support.

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