Aerial screen savers on your Apple TV

Enjoy breathtaking videos of locations shot from all over the world, underwater, and even space. Get location information with just a tap and switch to a different Aerial with a swipe — all on your Apple TV.


Start an Aerial screen saver

Your Apple TV displays a screen saver after it's idle for a certain number of minutes. You can also start the screen saver manually, before the screen is idle. Press and hold the Back buttonBack button or Menu button to return to the Home screen, then press the Back buttonBack button or Menu button twice.

To change the number of minutes before a screen saver starts, go to Settings > General > Screen Saver and select Start After.

Aerial screen savers aren't available on Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation).

Find out where an Aerial was filmed

Ever wonder what location you’re watching in an Aerial screen saver? While the location is playing, just tap the Touch surface on your Apple TV Remote.

Switch to a different location

You can't choose a specific Aerial to play on your Apple TV, but you can choose a theme. Just go to Settings > General > Screen Saver > Themes. Swipe and select a theme to Show or Hide it when your Aerials play.

To switch between Aerial locations, swipe right or left on the Touch surface of your Apple TV Remote while the Aerial is playing.

Learn more

  • If you're listening to music on your Apple TV while an Aerial is playing, tap the right or left side of the Touch surface to play the next or previous song.

  • You can choose how often new Aerials are downloaded. Go to Settings > General > Screen Saver and select Download New Video to change your settings.

  • You can also view Memories or albums from the Photos app as a screen saver. Learn how to create a photo screen saver on Apple TV.

The number of Aerials that you can download depends on how much storage is available on your Apple TV. To manage storage on your Apple TV, go to Settings > General > Manage Storage.

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