macOS High Sierra

See used and available storage space

See how much storage space is used on your Mac and how much space is available.

Move the pointer over a color to see the amount of space each category uses. White space represents available storage space.

Note: If you see more than one disk, your Mac has multiple APFS volumes in a single container.

  • Choose Apple menu > About This Mac, then click Storage.

    The categories shown contain the various files on your Mac. (If your Mac has more than one user account, the categories shown are for the user who’s logged in.)

    You’ll see the following categories:

    • Applications: Contains all the apps installed on your Mac (excluding system applications).

      Note: If you partitioned your hard disk, this category shows the amount of storage for apps installed on the macOS partition (the startup disk).

    • Documents: Contains files in your home folder that aren’t included in other categories, such as Pages documents and PDFs. Also includes videos and photos that are not managed by your photo library (for example, an image that a friend shares with you though AirDrop).

    • iCloud Drive: Contains all files stored in iCloud Drive. It may also contain files in your Desktop and Documents folders if you store them in iCloud Drive.

    • iOS Files: Contains iOS backups and firmware kept in iTunes.

    • iTunes and iBooks: Contains purchased content from the iTunes Store and iBooks Store that can be removed from your Mac and downloaded again.

    • Mail and Photos: Contains emails, attachments, and your photo library (or libraries).

    • Messages: Contains content from Messages conversations, including attachments.

    • Music Creation: Contains content from GarageBand, Logic, and MainStage.

    • Trash: Contains items in the Trash.

      Note: If you’ve partitioned your hard disk, Trash size is provided for the Trash on the disk macOS is installed on (the startup volume).

    • Other users: Contains files created and modified by other user accounts on your Mac.

    • System: Contains macOS system applications and files. Examples include Mail, Terminal, Calculator, and other apps that come with macOS.

The remaining available space includes free disk space and purgeable disk caches (freed automatically when space is needed).

To save additional storage space, use the custom storage recommendations for optimizing storage on your Mac. To view these options, click Manage. For more information, see Optimize storage on your Mac.