Use Drummer Loops in Logic Pro for Mac

Learn how to quickly add drums to your project using Drummer Loops, a type of Apple Loop that you can customize to fit your project.

Logic Pro 10.3.2 includes a variety of Apple Loops powered by Drummer. Quickly add beats to your project by dragging a Drummer loop from the Loop Browser into your project. Choose from variety of Drummer Loops for each drummer.


Find a Drummer loop

To open the Loop Browser, click   in the upper-right corner of the Logic Pro window, or press the letter O on your keyboard.

Drummer Loops appear in the Loop Browser with a yellow icon . To show only Drummer Loops in the Loops Browser, select Drummer from the Loop Packs pop-up menu at the top of the Loops Browser. To preview a loop, click it in the Loop Browser.

Add a Drummer loop to your project

When you’ve found a Drummer Loop you like, drag it into an empty part of the Tracks area. Logic Pro automatically creates a new Drummer track with a region of the Drummer Loop. Logic Pro also automatically configures all the settings in the Drummer Editor to reproduce the sound of the Drummer Loop.

You can now edit the performance as you would any other Drummer track using the Drummer Editor. You can also create your own regions in the track, and edit them freely.

Add additional Drummer Loops

Each Drummer Loop is played by a specific drummer. You can add Drummer Loops generated by different drummers into the same project, but there are some limitations. First, you can only add Drummer Loops to an existing Drummer track if it's of the same type (Acoustic, Electronic, or Percussionist). If you drag the Drummer Loop to a track played by a different drummer, Logic Pro automatically creates a new Drummer track with the drummer assigned to that loop. Second, adding Drummer Loops from multiple Drummers to the same track may cause the loop to sound different from the preview. The drum kit changes and the new drummer will interpret the settings in its own way.

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