Mac OS X Server v10.6, Xsan 2.2: How to enable SSL on a mail cluster

Learn how to enable SSL on a mail cluster using Xsan.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Follow these steps to enable SSL on a mail cluster using Xsan.

Note: These instructions supplement, but do not replace, the "Securing Mail Service with SSL" section of the Mail Service Administration guide.

  1. Configure mail server clustering using Xsan.
  2. Using Server Admin's Certificate Manager, import your SSL certificate on each server in the mail cluster.
    When importing certificate files, verify that your user account can read each file that is imported.
  3. After the SSL certificate is installed on all servers in the mail cluster, you can enable SSL from any one of the servers in the cluster. Because the mail service configuration is shared between all members of the cluster, you only need to enable SSL once.

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For more details, refer to the Mail Service Administration guide.

When importing a private key file, you may be prompted for a passphrase. If you do not know the passphrase, it may be possible to obtain it on the server where the certificate was first used. Open the Keychain Access utility, select the "System" keychain, double-click the "Mac OS X Server certificate management" password whose account name matches the hexadecimal number in your certificate's file name, then click "show password", and authenticate as the admin user.

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