Get Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Credit securely from Apple

After your organization buys VPP Credit from Apple, your content purchaser can use the secure inbox to view order history and download redemption codes.

Buy VPP Credit

As an Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager customer, your organization can buy VPP Credit from Apple or an Apple Authorized Reseller. When a member of your organization buys VPP Credit, they'll provide these details:

  • Credit value, which the buyer should calculate based on the total amount of money needed for the content purchaser account

  • Institution or Company name

  • Name and Apple ID of a registered content purchaser

We'll make sure that the content purchaser account is valid. And when the order is ready, we'll send an email with a link to a secure inbox. Your content purchaser will use this secure inbox to access VPP Credit for your organization.

Use the secure inbox

You can sign in to the secure inbox with your content purchaser Apple ID. After signing in, you can download a spreadsheet with a redemption code for each VPP Credit order. You can redeem and use this code to buy content using Apps and Books in Apple School Manager or in Apple Business Manager.

Resend VPP Credit

VPP Credit is available to download for 90 days from the secure inbox. After that time, your organization can resend the VPP Credit if they purchased it through your institution's custom Apple Online Store.

  1. Go to your custom Apple Online Store.

  2. Go to the Account menu and choose Check Order Status.

  3. Sign in with the same Apple ID that you used to buy the VPP Credit. Or you can enter the order number.

  4. Click Resend Credit.

If you didn't purchase the credit through your custom Apple Online Store, AppleCare can resend the VPP Credit.

  1. Send a request using the Business and Education Support form.

  2. Enter your contact information and company name.

  3. For the company type, select Business or Education.

  4. For the issue, select Other.

  5. In the "Details of your issue" section, include each VPP Credit order number and request that your expired VPP Credit be resent to your Apple ID.

  6. Click Submit.

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