Where you can ride transit with Apple Pay

Learn where you can use Apple Pay to pay for transit on your iPhone and Apple Watch and where you can use Express Transit mode.

Use Apple Pay to ride transit

There are two methods you can use to ride transit with Apple Pay:

See where you can use each method to ride transit with Apple Pay:

Where you can use Apple Pay for transit with Express Transit mode

You can use Express Transit mode to pay for rides with Apple Pay in these countries or regions. Depending on your transit agency, you might be able to set up a card in Wallet for Express Transit mode* or use Express Transit mode with a payment card in Wallet.

*Not all transit cards are supported. Check with your card issuer for information about transit cards you can add to Apple Pay.

China mainland


  • All forms of transit that accept Suica

United Kingdom

  • London: Transport for London (TfL)

United States

Where you can use Apple Pay for transit without Express Transit mode

If you aren't using Express Transit mode, you need to authenticate your ride purchase at the transit terminal or gate with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. Here are some additional countries and regions where you can pay for transit with a payment card in Wallet on your iPhone and Apple Watch if you aren't using Express Transit mode:**




  • Vancouver: TransLink

China mainland

  • Guangzhou: UnionPay (CUP) credit cards
  • Hangzhou: UnionPay (CUP) credit and debit cards

United States

**Check with your transit agency to see if they support payment using Apple Pay.

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