Add your own sounds to Drum Machine Designer in Logic Pro X

With Logic Pro X 10.2, you can add your own audio samples to cells in Drum Machine Designer.

Logic Pro X 10.2 and later lets you drag custom audio samples into Drum Machine Designer. You can use any of the audio file formats that are supported by the EXS sampler or Ultrabeat. You can add one audio file to a Drum Machine Designer cell. The maximum available playback length of the audio file is approximately 10 seconds.

To add a sound to a Drum Machine Designer cell:

  1. In Logic Pro X, open Drum Machine Designer.
  2. Use any of the following to locate the audio file you want to use as a sample:
    • The Finder
    • Project Browser
    • Media Browser
    • All Files Browser
    • Loop Browser
  3. Drag the audio file into an occupied or unoccupied cell in Drum Machine Designer.

Dragging an audio file to an occupied cell replaces the existing kit piece patch, including its Aux channel strip and plug-in settings. The default patch is optimized for one-shot sample playback. The Smart controls for the kit piece also update to show the new setting.

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