iBooks: Unmanifested file found or referenced resource missing errors

The unmanifested file error and referenced resource missing errors indicate the same problem, but in reverse. Below are the errors you might see upon delivery.

ERROR ITMS-9000: Unmanifested file found

The unmanifested file found error indicates that the EPUB contains files that aren't listed in the <manifest> element of your OPF, a file found within the OEBPS folder. If your file isn't in the <manifest>, there's no way to confirm that it should display in the book. Learn more about the manifest in your EPUB

ERROR ITMS-9000: Referenced resource missing

The referenced resource missing error indicates a file listed in the OPF's <manifest> is missing from the EPUB.

To resolve this issue, make sure that all files in your EPUB are also in the OPF's <manifest>:

  1. Unzip your EPUB.
  2. Open the OEBPS folder, then the content.opf file.
  3. Find the <manifest> element.
  4. Make sure your files are listed. In this example, the cover image is in the manifest and in the EPUB. All files should be in both or not in the book at all.


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