OS X Server: System Image Utility requires Recovery HD partition to create a NetRestore image

System Image Utility in OS X Server (Mountain Lion) and OS X Server (Mavericks) requires a Recovery HD partition when creating a NetRestore image.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Make sure the source volume you choose when creating a NetRestore image has a Recovery HD partition associated with it.

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Some reasons that a volume might lack a Recovery partition:

  • It is a software RAID volume. Recovery HD partitions are not supported on software RAID volumes.
  • It is a disk image created by Disk Utility from an OS X volume source. Disk Utility effectively removes the Recovery HD partition when creating the image.
  • It is a volume created by restoring such an image created by Disk Utility.
  • It is a volume created by restoring an image created by System Image Utility with the "include recovery partition" checkbox disabled.
  • The Recovery HD partition was manually removed.
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