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Discover new favorite books and grow your collection with Apple Books. You can use the Books app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with the latest version of iOS or Mac with the latest version of macOS.

You might not be able to purchase books and audiobooks in your country or region, but you can access free public domain books. Learn more about what's available in your country or region.

Explore the Books app

On your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, navigate the Books app using the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

On your Mac, browse your Library using the buttons at the top of the window. To buy books, click Book Store in the upper-left corner.

the Reading Now tab

Reading Now

In this tab, you have quick access to the last book or audiobook that you were reading. You can also see items that you add to your Want To Read list and recommendations based on your reading history.

This tab isn't available in Books on Mac.


Your Library contains all of the books, book series, PDFs, and audiobooks that you buy from the Book Store or add to your collection. Tap Collections to view just a certain media type. If you want to organize your books manually, tap New Collection, then add books from your Library.

On your Mac, you can find audiobooks in iTunes.

Book Store

Buy new books in the Book Store. You can browse what's new and trending, or check the Apple Books and New York Times top charts. You can also tap the Browse Section button in the upper-right corner to browse by genres like Young Adult, Nonfiction, or Comics & Graphic Novels.


In this tab, you can find the audiobooks that are available in the Book Store. Browse what's new and trending, or check out the Apple Books top charts. You can also tap the Browse Sections button in the upper-right corner to browse by genres like Kids & Young Adult or Self Development, or tap Great Narrators to view audiobooks with full-cast dramatizations or celebrity narrators. Learn more about audiobooks.

On your Mac, you can find audiobooks in iTunes.

Audiobooks aren't available in all countries and regions. Learn more about what's available in your country or region.


Use this tab to search for specific titles, authors, narrators, and more. After you search, you'll see results that are already in your Library and books and audiobooks that are available to buy in the Book Store.

An iPhone X with a book open in Apple Books and the Appearance menu open in the upper-right corner.

Read books

Tap any book to open it and start reading. If you'd like to read a sample of a book, go to its product page in the Book Store and tap Sample. Apple Books remembers where you stopped and starts there when you start reading again.

While reading, tap the page to bring up the navigation menu.

  • Tap the Library button to close the book and return to your library.
  • Tap the Table of Contents button to view the table of contents. You can also jump to any bookmarks or notes from here.
  • Tap the Appearance button to change how the page looks. You can increase or decrease the font size, change to a dark background, or turn off Scrolling View to swipe between pages. 
  • Tap the Search button to search the book for a specific word or page number.
  • Tap the Page Bookmark Off button to save your place for later.

Take notes

Get more out of your book without leaving the Books app. Touch and hold any word in a book to open the text selection tool. Tap Look Up to view a word's definition and other suggestions from the web. Tap Highlight to make it easy to find your selection later, or Note to highlight the selection and add notes.

To find your notes later, you might need to go to different places depending on the book. For most books, tap the Table of Contents button then tap Notes. For some books, you can just tap the Notes button .

More ways to read

Download or delete content

If you want to read a book or listen to an audiobook when you're not connected to Wi-Fi or the Internet, you can download it to your iOS device or computer. You can also delete items from your devices.

An iPhone X with Apple Books open to the Library tab and a callout on the cloud icon

Download books and audiobooks

To download a book, follow these steps:

  • On your iOS device: Find the item in your Library, then tap the Cloud button under the book's cover image. If the book is part of a series, open the series first, then download a specific book.
  • On your Mac: Find the item in your Library, then click the Cloud Download button in the upper-right corner.

If you don't see the Cloud button or  the Cloud Download button , the book is already downloaded to your device.

To download an audiobook, follow these steps:

Delete books, audiobooks or PDFs

  • On your iOS device, tap the More button underneath the item, choose Remove, then choose Remove Download.
  • On your Mac, Control-click or right-click an item, choose Delete, then choose Remove Download.

If the item is part of a series, you might need to open the series first before you can delete it. You might also see an option to Delete Everywhere if it's a PDF or other item that you added to your Library from a source other than the Book Store.

Change your settings

To control some settings of Apple Books on your iOS device, you need to have iCloud Drive turned on: Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud and turn on both iCloud Drive and Books. Then go to Settings > Books.

Under Syncing, you can change settings like these:

  • Turn on Reading Now to sync your reading progress, current book, notes, and bookmarks using your iCloud account. Reading Now only syncs to other iOS devices, not your Mac.
  • Turn on iCloud Drive to sync PDFs, EPUBS, and books created with iBooks Author that you didn't purchase from the Book Store that you added to your Library across all of your devices.

Under Allow Books To Access, turn on Cellular Data to stream books while your iPhone or iPad is connected to the Internet via a cellular connection and using cellular data.

You can also change settings in the Books app. Tap Reading Now, then tap the Profile button or your picture in the upper-right corner. From here, you can redownload your purchases, access Family Purchases, and redeem gift cards or content codes.

On a Mac, first turn on iCloud Drive: Go to Apple () menu > System Preferences. Click iCloud and select iCloud drive. Then, open the Books app and choose Books > Preferences from the menu at the top of your computer screen. Select "Sync collections, bookmarks, and highlights across devices" to sync your content with your other devices.

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