Participate in an Apple health research study with the Apple Research app

Learn how to join and contribute to research studies with the Apple Research app.

Here's what you need

  • The Apple Research app which is available in the App Store.

  • An iPhone 6s or later with iOS 15 or later.

  • An Apple Watch Series 1 or later paired with your iPhone if you want to join the Apple Heart & Movement study.

  • You must live in the United States and meet the minimum age requirement for your state.

Enroll in a study

Before enrolling, you should also be comfortable communicating in both written and spoken English.

  1. Open the Apple Research app and tap Studies.

  2. Tap Learn More & Enroll and review the expectations and participation requirements for a study.

  3. If you're eligible, tap Enroll in Study.

From there, create your research profile and read and sign consent forms.

Complete tasks and manage notifications

Tasks are activities such as surveys that might be required for the study. To complete tasks, open the Apple Research app and tap Tasks.

If you have notifications enabled, you'll receive a notification whenever new tasks are available. Here's how to turn on or turn off your notifications:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap Notifications.

  2. Tap the Apple Research app and adjust your notifications.

How to continue your research participation after switching iPhones

If you plan to switch iPhones or upgrade to a new iPhone, make sure that you:

  • Install the Apple Research app on your new device.

  • Log into your Apple ID on your iPhone with two-factor authentication turned on.

  • Turn on iCloud Drive and the Apple Research app in iCloud settings.

  • Open the Apple Research app on your new iPhone and check for any pending tasks from your studies.

This ensures that you can continue to take part in research studies for which you already completed enrollment and onboarding, without interruption to your long-term research participation.

If you've set up your new iPhone from a backup in iCloud or from an encrypted backup on your computer, your research participation won't be interrupted.

Manage your research data

You're in control of your data. To learn more, tap the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner and tap About Research & Privacy. You can review which studies you have provided access to and adjust the type of data collected from within the app.

Sensor & Usage Data

See how your sensor and usage data is collected.

  1. Open the Apple Research app and tap Your Data.

  2. Tap Manage Access in Settings to see which apps and studies have access to your sensor and usage data.

You can turn off Data Collection at any time.

Health Data & Records

See which studies have access to your health information.

  1. Open the Apple Research app and tap Your Data.

  2. Tap Manage Study Access in Health.

  3. Tap a study and adjust what data it has access to read.

Common Study Data

Review your demographic information shared with apps and studies.

  1. Open the Apple Research app and tap Your Data.

  2. Tap Your Demographic Information.

You can also adjust a study's access to your demographics.

  1. Open the Apple Research app and tap Your Data.

  2. Tap Studies with Access and turn off or turn on the study's access to your information.

Invite a friend to join a study

Inviting friends to join research studies can help further diversity and representation in research.

  1. Open the Apple Research app, then tap Studies.

  2. Tap the Share buttonNo alt supplied for Image next to the study you want to share.

  3. Select your contact, then send the study.

Leave a study

You can leave a study at any time. Withdrawing from a study doesn’t delete any previously gathered data, but the app stops collecting any new data.

  1. Open the Apple Research app and tap Studies.

  2. Tap the study you’re enrolled in, and tap Withdraw from Study.

Deleting the Apple Research app doesn't withdraw you from a study.

Contact the Research Studies Support Center

If you have questions about a study or think you have an injury or illness as a result of a study, please contact the Research Studies Support Center toll-free at (833) 237-3881.

Make sure that you have your Research ID on hand when you call:

  1. Open the Apple Research app and tap the profile icon.

  2. Tap Get Help.

Your Research ID appears in the Talk with Support section.

The Research Studies Support Center is hosted by Apple's third-party service provider. They're staffed to assist with specific technical and study-related issues* and support the following studies:

  • Apple Heart & Movement Study

  • Apple Hearing Study

  • Apple Women's Health Study

Support hours vary by research study. In the Apple Research app, tap on the study you're enrolled in, then tap Consent Documents > Consent to review the support hours for the study.

*If you experience a technical issue unrelated to the Apple Research app, the Research Studies Support Center might ask to transfer you to AppleCare for additional support.

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