macOS High Sierra

Get help with keys, shortcuts, and gestures

When you use keyboard help, you can quickly hear the VoiceOver command for a key. For example, press Control-Option-D to hear “Control-Option-D Go to Dock Moves VoiceOver cursor to the Dock.”

You can use keyboard help with the commanders, refreshable braille displays, and VoiceOver gestures. While using keyboard help, you can’t use your keyboard, braille display, or trackpad for other tasks.

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

Start keyboard help by pressing VO-K, then do any of the following:

  • Hear the name of a keyboard or braille key: Press the key.

  • Hear the VoiceOver command for a key: Press Control-Option or Caps Lock and the key.

  • Hear the name and VoiceOver command for a gesture: Use the gesture.

  • Hear alternative functions for a key or gesture: Press Control-Option or Caps Lock with a modifier key (such as Shift), then press a key to hear alternative functions the key may have.

To quit keyboard help, press VO-K, the Escape key, or Fn-Tab.

If you have trouble using a standard QWERTY keyboard, try using the Dvorak layout, which optimizes key layout for ease of use.