If you can't use a movie from iCloud Drive in iMovie

To open or edit movie files in iMovie, move the file you want to use from iCloud Drive to your Mac.

Movies saved to iCloud Drive might display an alert message when you try to use them in iMovie for Mac:

"The document could not be opened. iMovie cannot open files in the QuickTime movie format."

To open or edit your movie in iMovie, move it to a locally connected drive (like your startup disk).

  1. Click the Finder icon in the Dock.
  2. Choose Go > iCloud Drive.
  3. Locate the movie you want to edit in iMovie.
  4. Drag the movie file to your desktop (or another folder that's on a drive connected to your Mac). If you want to work with a duplicate copy of your movie while leaving the original file in iCloud Drive, hold down the Option key while dragging to create a copy of the file.
  5. Open iMovie and import the movie file from your desktop.
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