If your Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) stops at the date and time screen during startup

Each time your Apple TV powers on, it updates the system's date and time. If your Apple TV can't connect to the Internet or to the network port it uses to update its date and time, it might stop at this screen.

Apple TV can’t connect to networks that require an additional or secondary login, such as signing into a webpage. These networks are called captive networks and can include networks that are free to use and networks that you pay to use in places like businesses, schools, dorms, apartments, hotels, and stores.

If you try to set up Apple TV using a captive network, you might be unable to proceed past the date and time screen. If you aren’t using a captive network and still can’t proceed past the date and time screen, try the following steps below.

At home

If your Apple TV is connected to your network at home and it doesn't get past the date and time screen, try restarting your Internet modem and router.

If you still can't set the date and time on your Apple TV, contact your Internet service provider or router manufacturer to make sure that NTP port 123 isn't being blocked.

You might also try connecting your Apple TV to another network if it's available, like at a friend's house. 

At work or school

If your Apple TV is connected to an enterprise or campus network, make sure your network, router, firewall, or proxy server are configured to allow communication over NTP port 123.

You can also use Configurator to create a first time configuration for your Apple TV devices. Connect the Apple TV to your Configurator server using USB, then set up the device using a profile.

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